How does the bracer provide support?

The Lil Back Bracer is an orthopedic support garment for dogs suffering from IVDD or other back injuries. The brace is made of a very high quality breathable and antimicrobial neoprene that is very comfortable for your dog. There are stays that line the back and the abdomen to provide the needed support and stabilization of the spine.

How often should my dog wear the bracer?

It depends on you and your dog. Some people put the bracer on all day while some just use the bracer for walks or times of high activity and play. The bracer is flexible so it still allows the muscles to engage and ‘work’, it is not like a stiff cast. This is important so that the muscles do not become weak from wearing the bracer.

*Please note that the bracer is not meant to replace the crate rest period that is prescribed by your Veterinarian!*

Are there different sizes available?

There are three sizes of the bracer available. The size small brace is for dogs weighing less than 12 pounds and measure less than 13 inches from collar to tail. The size medium brace is for dogs in the 12 to 22 pound range who measure at least 13 inches from collar to tail. The large size is for 22 to 32 pound dogs who measure at least 15 inches collar to tail. The braces are highly adjustable and can be fitted by simply tightening the body as well as the shoulder and leg straps.

Can the dog go “do their business” while wearing the bracer?

Yes, the brace fits in a way that leaves that area of your dog free to take care of business without the brace blocking that part of their body.

Does my dog need to have a separate harness for walks?

The Lil Back Bracer has an attached “D” ring so that when taking walks the brace acts as a harness also. Just attach the leash to the ring and enjoy a safe supported walk.

How do I care for the brace?

To clean the brace just hand wash and lay flat to dry. For removing hair, we have found that a rubber pet hair remover brush works best.

I live outside the US, is the bracer shipped Internationally?

We do ship outside of the US. Due to long transit times and customs hold-ups, we only offer International Express so that we can provide you with a tracking number. The shipping and handling cost for our International Express shipping option is $55.00USD and usually takes about 7 days to arrive.

Can I return the brace if it does not fit properly?

We offer a 14 day return policy for braces returned in new condition. There is a $10 re-stocking fee for all returns. You must send us an email at sales@lilbackbracer.com and we will give you return instructions.


This product is not intended to cure IVDD, but simply a tool for owners and dogs dealing with IVDD. We encourage you to talk with your Veterinarian about your pet’s health.