L'il Back Bracer Helps Relieve Back Pain!

Your Dachshund can feel better today with our
patented dog back brace!

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Lil Back Bracer is designed to help…

Dog back problems are not uncommon in Dachshunds and other small breeds. Finally there is a product to help!
  • Adjustable design for comfortable, stabile support when dealing with Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD) and other dog back pain.
  • Provides comfortable but firm support from above and below to truly stabilize the dog's spinal column.
  • Prevents further injury and relieves pain for Dachshunds and other small breed dogs before or after surgery, sometimes entirely preventing surgery.

Why use L’il Back Bracer?

why_choose_icon1 Designed with Vets
why_choose_icon3 Comfy & Adjustable
why_choose_icon2 Medical Grade FabricBreathoprene® materials

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Veterinarian Recommended

Dr. Hooman A. Pooya, DVM
  I am writing this letter to officially state my approval and recommendation of the L’il Back Bracer.  Having spent a year (of my nearly six years of post-doctorate specialty training in small animal surgery) performing an orthopedic research fellowship at the world’s foremost veterinary orthopedic research laboratory (the J.D. Wheat Veterinary Orthopedic Research Laboratory at UC Davis, CA), I am rather well versed in canine biomechanics and kinematics.  Examining the brace first-hand, I can confirm that it provides exceptional support to the spine and, therefore, spinal cord of canines wearing it, especially in those with longer-than-normal spinal lengths.  The brace can be used pre-operatively, as well as post-operatively for spinal cord injury (such as intervertebral disc disease, or IVDD) and surgery, in addition to being a preventative to pre-emptively protect a dog’s spine from becoming injured in the first place.  I highly recommend the brace for any dog that suffers from IVDD, back pain and or spinal neurological deficits, or for dogs that are prone/predisposed to such conditions.       Sincerely,   Hooman A. Pooya, DVM   Chief of Surgery, Greenbriar Veterinary Hospital & Luxury Pet Resort, Urbana, MDD   Owner, CEO of “Hooman A. Pooya, DVM, LLC”, Mobile Veterinary Surgical Services   Featured on WTOP Radio, Washington D.C.’s Top News & Talk Radio   Pfizer/Zoetis International Pharmaceutical Corporation Nominee for 2014 Elite Speaker