5 Steps To Take When Your Dog Is Diagnosed With IVDD

by Lil Back Bracer January 06, 2017

5 Steps To Take When Your Dog Is Diagnosed With IVDD

So, the tests are in, and the vet delivers the bad news… your sweet pup has IVDD. Now what?

Maybe you had never heard of IVDD in your life, or perhaps all of your information comes from questionable websites or friends of friends. There’s a lot of misinformation out there, but one thing is certain: Your pup is in pain. And of course, you want to help her.

When the diagnosis is delivered, don’t panic! Instead, take these five steps:

  • Talk to your vet. This goes without saying, but get as much information as possible from the one who knows your pup—and IVDD—better than most. IVDD has two types and five stages. Unfortunately the disease often doesn’t become obvious until about Stage III, but the earlier it’s caught, the better. Here’s a better explanation of the progression of IVDD.

  • Do your research. And no, we don’t just mean Googling and hoping for the best, although there is certainly PLENTY of reputable information online. Ask your vet for recommendations for articles, read case studies, and talk to anyone you know personally who has an IVDD dog.

  • Make a treatment plan. The most well-known IVDD treatment is surgery, but that’s not always the best or most immediate choice. Laser therapy, acupuncture and other more conservative treatments are sometimes available. It just depends on how severe the case is. 

  • Do as much as possible for your dog at home. Maintaining a healthy weight can help her reduce stress on her backbone and neck. Moistening her kibble can help lessen chewing, which causes stress on the jaw and back. Raise her food and water dishes so she doesn’t have to strain to use them, and above all else, show her lots of love.

  • Support that lil back. After a period of recovery (meaning after surgery), it’s very important to keep your dog’s back supported. That’s where the L’il Back Bracer comes in. We designed it to help alleviate back pain and help IVDD dogs (like our own!) have a more enjoyable life.

  • We hope IVDD never happens to you. But if it does, we’ve got your back.


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